Apple Pies and Eldritch Skies

A man who has lost everything. A little beast intent on eating everything he can get his claws on. What happens when they stumble across a narrowboat that can sail between universes?

This experimental new novella is available exclusively to those who…

I Want That Twink Obliterated!

Do you love queer sci-fi, fantasy, and horror? Do you love pulp? This anthology will blow your…mind!

~Editor Trip Galey

A Market of Dreams and Destiny

A boy raised by goblin merchants. A mysterious faery market beneath the streets of High Queen Victoria’s London. True Love, shenanigans, and a talking cat!

Out now from Titan Books!

Faerie’s Bargain: The Price of Business

Become the greatest of the Goblin merchants in Faerie’s Bargain, my interactive novel from Choice of Games!

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