Faerie’s Bargain: The Price of Business

Become the greatest of the Goblin merchants in Faerie’s Bargain, my interactive novel from Choice of Games!

Click here to begin your adventure…

Also available on Steam! 

War of the Roses

Coming soon! A tale of roses and warring curses, of hope and despair, and two men in dashing clothing blackmailed into a little grand theft.

The Last Dawn of Targadrides

A post-apocalyptic drag ball. A mosaic world created from the shattered remnants of a thousand lost civilizations. An intergenerational conflict that could bring a House to its knees. Plus a fabulous ball, dahling!

Available in Glitter + Ashes from Neon Hemlock Press!

Join Me, On A Strange Journey…

Where I’ve Been

Where I’ve Been

Short Bio: Trip Galey is a writer, an academic, and a researcher of all things pursuant to bargains, exchanges, and compacts of a faery nature. It is inadvisable to attempt to make a deal with him. He has been, in the past, a reluctant cowboy, an Ivy League collegian, and an itinerant marketing professional. Mostly harmless.


What I’m Doing

What I’m Doing

Current Work:

Faerie’s Bargain: the Price of Business – An interactive novel from Choice of Games.

“The Last Dawn of Targadrides” – A short story in the multi-award-nominated anthology Glitter + Ashes from Neon Hemlock Press.


War of the Roses – A novella set in the same world as Faerie’s Bargain.

Where I'm Going

Where I'm Going

What am I up to right now?

I’m defending my PhD thesis on 8 December! Wish me luck!

Want to say hi? I will be attending:

EasterCon 2022: Reclamation in London!